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Blue Tulip Consultancy supports organisations on how to implement diversity and inclusion into practice. 
“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi 

Why Diversity Is Important for Your Organisation?

Diversity is today’s buzzword for political, practical, topical and legislative reasons. It is increasingly recognised that organisations that value diversity, encourage respect for individuals and promote equality of opportunities will be better placed than others to reap dividends, thus creating a greater business competitive edge.

On the flip side, by not considering diversity, there is a greater risk of low motivation, high staff turnover and limited access to the wider talent pool and diverse clients.

Value diversity and implement into action
We Can Show You How

Diversity & Inclusion Implementation Strategies

How We Can Help

Our process involves two dimensions:
Bespoke Training Programmes:

Managing Diversity Specific to Managers - Raising awareness of the importance of diversity within the organisational context; helping managers consider the integration of diversity and its value into everyday management practice, with staff, clients, colleagues and other professionals.

Diversity and Inclusion - An understanding of the business case of diversity into practice, an update on legislation and how behaviour, values and beliefs impact everyday work practice.

Respect and Dignity – Explores in detail the definition of bullying and harassment and the meaning/value of respect and dignity in the workplace; examines the 5 steps to challenging discrimination; considers the impact of harassment for the individual, team, department and organisational reputation.

All training programmes are customised to meet the organisation’s requirements.

Acting as a Diversity Director

Ongoing consultancy input to organisations who wish to develop their long-term strategic and operational practice to include business case and moral imperative of diversity. 

This includes facilitating in Senior Management meetings, writing reports, updating policies and ensuring that the organisational ethos and values have an underlying theme of diversity and inclusion.

We also undertake Diversity Dialogues – a series of two-hour coaching input held over six sessions, specifically for Senior Managers and Leaders of Organisations.

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