Bullying and Harassment

We provide support in managing bullying and harassment in your workplace

Blue Tulip Consultancy conducts independent investigations and mediations into allegations of bullying and harassment. We are strongly committed in following a rigorous process. The organisations concerned have valued the professional input with its significant benefits; costs have been reduced, complaints are resolved effectively and where necessary, recommendations are implemented effectively.
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We conduct independent investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment.The objective and impartial approach coupled with a strong personal commitment to the various cases investigated has meant that the investigations have been completed within a realistic time frame. 

The organisations concerned have valued the professional input with its significant benefits; costs have been reduced and complaints are resolved effectively.
We have conducted investigations, some of which include high-profile cases, for:

• Financial Institutions
• Law Firms
• Charities and Voluntary Organisations
• Drug and Alcohol Related Organisations
• Local Authorities
• Mental Health Trusts
• Universities
• Commission for Race Equality (CRE)
Blue Tulip Consultancy has undertaken numerous cases over the past twenty years with only four cases going to Employment Tribunals. 

In those instances, the findings from the Employment Tribunal are in par with the findings produced by Blue Tulip Consultancy.

"Ms Khilay, who is an experienced external investigator for harassment and bullying assertions and is accordingly qualified, conducted an independent and - we think - very extensive investigation".
Report from Employment Tribunal

Research Thesis

Management of Sexual Harassment – Fantasy or Reality?
Snéha completed her MSc. Management of Human Resources at Brunel University. Her research study explored the long-term professional and personal effects on women who had experienced sexual harassment at work. The research also explored the impact of the management process in formally dealing with the allegation of the harassment and how the formal processes could be managed differently.

Bullying & Harassment Mediations – Mitigating the Consequences

Blue Tulip Consultancy conducts mediation sessions for organisations that have undergone an investigation process or wish to resolve a formal complaint through mediation. 
This route:

• Encourages both parties to actively seek a solution to differences and agree effective ways of working together in the future
• Creates an opportunity for each party to share their perspective and the other party to acknowledge this
• Helps restore a professional relationship and harmony between the two parties concerned
• Establishes boundaries of appropriate and reasonable behaviour
• Mitigates the potential consequences of inappropriate behaviour on staff relations and service delivery

Bullying & Harassment Management Training

We have designed and delivered training on how to conduct effective grievance and disciplinary investigations with additional support to HR directors, managers and staff on implementing good practice.
Training and Support Includes:
• Case management of complaints of bullying and harassment - providing an opportunity for HR staff to share dilemmas and concerns, and identify sound and appropriate practice

• Training in-house investigators and harassment advisors

• Establishing the difference between discriminatory and appropriate behaviour
• Training managers on how to take appropriate action

• Review of the 'Dignity at Work Policy'

• Consultancy support to Heads of Diversity and Inclusion and Senior Managers on how to support staff on responding to allegations of bullying and harassment effectively and within the policy and legislative frame.

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