Finding Your Mojo

Personal Effectiveness & Leadership Training for Aspiring Black and Minority Ethnic Staff

It is common knowledge that Black and Minority Ethnic staff are under-represented at middle and senior levels in most organisations and experience slower career progression. This has a detrimental effect on their morale, confidence and self-belief.
“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi 

How Finding Your Mojo Training Programme works

We conduct a unique programme of workshops, peer support and coaching over five months, both in-house and external. The sessions are specifically designed to give BME employees the tools to overcome any residual disadvantage and improve their personal effectiveness by developing the skills to:

• Take a pro-active and creative approach to career/personal development
• Overcome personal barriers and capitalise on opportunities for success
• Develop a vision and plan for the future – set and achieve clear goals
• Receive job satisfaction – improve morale and motivation
• Review progress towards goals creatively
• Improve self-confidence and belief
• Make necessary and lasting improvements to skills, knowledge and behaviour
• Present a positive image.

The aim of the programme is to focus on participants setting goals and thereby taking action towards the realisation of their visions and goal. The format will be that of personal discovery and inquiry to build a level of awareness and to take responsibility. The process includes support and feedback and post training accountability.

Benefits of Our Personal & Leadership Development Training

From the Participants’ Perspective

• 'Finding Your Mojo' programme motivates participants to give more to and get more from their work, cultivating visible and positive changes to attitudes and image

• It develops untapped skills, a necessity if organisations are to get the best from their staff, creating a bridge to talent management and diversity

• It helps BME staff to find ways to increase their job satisfaction and secure promotions through personal and professional growth

• It shows evidence of working towards a diverse management tier – broader range of skills and experience.
From an Organisational Perspective

• Identifying staff with potential; supporting them to present themselves effectively at meetings and interviews, with managers, colleagues and customers

• Maximising the potential of your work force by increasing people's potential

• Finding the best person for the right job

• Linking the diversity strategy to organisation’s competence and personal development agendas

• Encouraging staff to demonstrate the aspiration, motivation and skills to move to the next level

• Equipping and enabling black and minority ethnic staff to conduct 'difficult conversations' with managers about career development and longer-term progression/prospects.

We can support organisations in setting up the ‘Find Your Mojo’ programme

Want to know more about Finding Your Mojo programme or take things to the next level? Let us know, we can help.
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