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Working at an international level, Blue Tulip Consultancy has advised and worked with Board Members, CEOs, Executive Directors and Senior Managers on how to develop a strategic and operational approach to the changing stance on equality, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Blue Tulip Consultancy helps identify and implement effective solutions to their organisation-related ‘diversity dilemmas’.
“Be the change you want to see in the world”– Gandhi 

About Blue Tulip

There is one particular tulip that perseveres even in the most adverse weather conditions. 

With its unusual and unique colour, it continues to flourish and bloom, providing pleasure to many with its vividness and essence. The nation's gardeners, moving away from tradition, have taken to it with passion, enthralled by its form, shape, colour and texture - The Blue Tulip.

For over 20 years Blue Tulip Consultancy has been providing organisations in London, the UK and across the globe with bespoke training on equality, diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias and bullying & harassment. 

Through consulting and training we have helped organisations address a variety of problems and challenges within the workplace. From improving the recruitment process to recognising talent within an organisation, our support and training have helped our clients become more aware and connected.

Blue Tulip Consultancy

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Our TRAINING & Consulting Services

At Blue Tulip Consultancy we have had the opportunity to provide a range of organisations in London, across the UK and internationally with the necessary expertise and knowledge to overcome issues of equality, diversity and inclusion.
Through our training and consulting, we will help you recognise and understand how different people and communities have different strengths and needs. By understanding the importance of diversity within an organisation you can better serve your employees, clients, customers and the wider community. 

We provide support and guidance to identify, develop and implement appropriate strategies in creating a more diverse and inclusive work place.  By working together not only can we create effective diversity and inclusive strategies in the workplace, we can also focus on taking proactive measures on managing unconscious bias, bullying and harassment. 

Unconscious bias can lead to unintended discrimination within a workplace and organisation. A result of this is a workplace environment that fails to be both diverse and inclusive. Blue Tulip Consultancy will help you recognise instances where unconscious bias may exist. Together we can assess your work structure, practices and policies to determine how unconscious bias is negatively affecting decision making within your organisation. 

Our vast experience means we are also able to conduct high profile investigations into allegations of bullying and harassment. Through comprehensive investigations and training, you can eradicate bullying and harassment situations in the workplace.  

 If you require more information about our services, contact us on hello@bluetulipconsultancy.com

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

Turn Equality, Diversity & Inclusion into Your Organisation’s Pillars

Now more than ever it has become important for businesses to adapt to a changing market in order to maintain a competitive edge. Every company has different strategies for success, but an increasing number of organisations are focused on developing strong diversity and inclusion strategies. Recognising the diverse world we live in and embracing different cultures, religions, languages and all the things that make us different from one another will only bring you and your organisation one step closer to success. 

Organisations, CEOs, directors, managers, and board members across the world are taking the necessary steps to ensure they have the right skills and tact to deal with equality, diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, bullying and harassment. 
At Blue Tulip Consultancy our consultants are here to ensure you receive adequate training, advice and support. Regardless of whether you're based in the UK, Europe, Middle East, the USA or anywhere else in the world we exist to help you and your organisation make clearer-cut choices. 

With Blue Tulip consultancy at your side, we will help you become more self-aware and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues that may exist within your organisation.  If you believe you or your organisation could benefit from our training and consulting services, contact us today on  01923 441289 or alternatively email hello@bluetulipconsultancy.com. 

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